Emergency Ride Home

What is the Emergency Ride Home Program? (Formerly called Guaranteed Ride Home)

It's great to ride your bike, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, but what if you have an emergency--you might be stranded! Don't worry. We'll give you a ride home--if you're a participant in the Emergency Ride Home Program.

It Works Like This: You Call, They Come!

If you have an emergency and need a ride home from work on a day that you used alternative transportation, call a taxi or the car rental company of your choice. Pay for your ride home ( don't forget to ask for a receipt ) and submit the online reimbursement form.

Emergency Ride Home Fine Print

Poolers who enroll in Emergency Ride Home may receive taxifare, bus fare, or rental car reimbursement in the case of:

  • Personal or family illness;
  • Family crisis;
  • Unscheduled overtime;
  • Mechanical issues with your bike;
  • Unscheduled departure of carpool or vanpool driver.

Key points of the Emergency Ride Home program are:

  • Participants must carpool, vanpool, walk, or bike to work on a regular basis.
  • Poolers must make their own arrangements for a taxicab, rental car, or bus.
  • Reimbursements will be made for trips from the work site to the residence or pooler meeting location. Intermediate stops (e.g., day care or hospital) are permitted.
  • Taxi fares (excluding tip) and bus fare will be reimbursed for trips up to 100 miles one way; rental cars for one day (we are not able to reimburse for Metro Cars due to the excessive costs).

Reimbursement Request:

If you are an employee of the University of Michigan or Michigan Medicine, contact University Police at 734-763-1131 to get your Emergency Ride Home.

If you carpool or vanpool into or within Washtenaw County and need a reimbursement, use the form available at http://www.theride.org/Services/Commuter-Services/Vanpool/Emergency-Ride-Home.  Directions on where to send your request are at the bottom of the form.

Submit Reimbursement Request