Commuter Connect Employer Portals

Commuter Connect can help you promote alternative commuting to your employees with special promotions and marketing as well as creating a customized employer subsite. Expanding commuting options offer you the opportunity to:

  • increase employee health
  • improve productivity
  • reduce absenteeism
  • meet your goals for corporate social responsibility
  • reduce parking pressures and potentially lower maintenance costs

Create Your Own Dedicated Commuter Connect Subsite

There are many benefits to having your own dedicated subsite on Commuter Connect:

  • Custom Branding and URL: Your workplace’s branding, text and images.
  • Multi-modal Solution: Supports all sustainable travel options like carpooling, cycling, walking, transit and telecommuting.
  • Advanced Matching Technology: Commuter Connect’s matching algorithms are highly advanced. They match users based on proximity to origin, destination, actual travel route, and personal preferences.
  • Incentives & Gamification: Reward your users for logging their trips. You set the rules and incentives!
  • 24/7 Administrative Portal: Access your information at any time securely. Filter, map, export your data at any time.
  • Trip Logging Calendar allows users to log their trips.